Friday, November 30, 2007

Flying With AC/DC. Nope... Not Even Close


'Flying? No Fear!' by Adrian Akers-Douglas. The author, a highly qualified pilot, explained everything that had concerned me about flying, the noises of the engines, the constant ding-dongs of the cabin, the reason why the plane takes off in the first place! Absolutely every fear I had is explained in this book! Including absurd thoughts that go through your head! I urge anybody that is scared of flying to buy this eBook, because I felt it was worth every penny! In fact, Read it on the Plane!

'AC/DC' by Tom McNichol. McNichols does an excellent job from explaining in clear terms about electricity, to the relevant background of the two main experimenters and producers -- exponents of either Alternating AC or Direct DC current, the competitors Edison and Westinghouse -- and finally to the modern equivalent of their wars. McNichol introduces the whole subject with his own personal dangerous episodes with both currents. Then the book has a fascinating section explaining the element, just like recent books on ice and salt. Are you totally BORED yet? Im a sucker for science and energy related topics. If you're like me then use the Coupon Code below to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles.

Flying? No Fear! eBook edition by Akers-Douglas, Adrian,
Written by an airline pilot and a clinical psychologist, this combination of practical explanation and self-help techniques is the definitive guide to help anyone overcome their fear of flying. Sometimes unnecessary anxiety is caused by events which airline crews may take for granted, including aspects of flights that are mystifying and even alarming to less frequent flyers.
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AC/DC (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by McNichol, Tom
AC/DC tells the little-known story of how Thomas Edison wrongly bet in the fierce war between supporters of alternating current and direct current. The savagery of this electrical battle can hardly be imagined today. The showdown between AC and DC began as a rather straightforward conflict between technical standards, a battle of competing methods to deliver essentially the same product, electricity. But the skirmish soon metastasized into something bigger and darker
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